Human Safety Alert: Extractions Scheduled from Infected Locations. Get Out While You Still Can!

Do you have what it takes to survive?

Join us for an immersive zombie-apocalypse run, where your sole purpose is to survive!  The Zombie Charge experience is like taking part in a Hollywood production.   Some particpants must survive an invigorating 5k course and make it to the finish line without being infected by the zombies !  Other participants may register as a zombie and spend their time relentlessing charging runners (and capturing their flags) as they pass by.  Can you survive?

zombie charge is Saving the human race from the undead. One city at a time.

Life as we’ve known it is no more. One by one, our cities have been overrun by the undead as our worst nightmares claw their way out of the grave and take over our world.

In our darkest hour, however, a hope still burns. To save the human race, professional zombie handlers have begun extracting surviving humans from zombie infested areas. This process of escaping from an infected location by racing 5k through mud and obstacles in a zombie ridden landscape has become known as a Zombie Charge.

Taking our name from this desperate, yet heroic, act of escape, the professional zombie handlers of Zombie Charge are bringing the zombie run to your area soon! Armed with a zombie antidote known as ZC5, we will save humanity from the threat of the undead and celebrate with survivors from another city we have saved!

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