Zombie Charge FAQs

Do all Zombie Charge events have obstacles?

No, not all Zombie Charge events are obstacle course races (OCR's) some of our events are 5k races. Some of the venues we use do not require the addition of obstacles. (Our Spooky World venue is a great example of this, the terrifying trails and terrain create an amazing experience without the addition of obstacles)

Can I shoot the zombies?

Seriously? C'mon already! This is for fun. No physical contact other than the zombies attempting to pull the life flags from the runners flag belts.

What happens if I lose all my flags?

If you are infected (lose your flags) you have 30 minutes (or so) to make it the Safe Zone. Before you enter you will have drink the "nectar" that the doctor has developed to prevent becoming a zombie...hopefully!

How do I volunteer to be a Zombie?

You don't! If you would like to register to be a zombie please do so. If you want to be a volunteer and help our Handlers through out the day please register to do so. Only Registered Zombies will look like Zombies!!